Friday to Monday, Stress Free

First Published on LinkedIn, Friday 11th September 2015


It’s Friday! As the week comes to a close (for most of us), I want to share some habits that anyone in any profession can adopt to finish this week on a productive and positive high, and set yourself up for another awesome week.

How To End Your Week On A Positive Note

Consider these three weekly habits each Friday before leaving the office or your place of work for the weekend:

Habit 1


Follow up on those outstanding emails!

It might not sound like a big deal, but how many times have you rushed out of the door before you have followed up those outstanding emails? I know I have. Before you go home this Friday, make sure you let people know before they stand before the week is out. Think about it – if you were waiting on some important news on a Friday afternoon, you would much prefer a progress update telling you it was going to be Monday before you hear back than nothing at all. Total buzz kill for your weekend, not to mention for your customer/candidate/client.

It also means you are free to relax a little knowing you have done all you can before you clocked off at 5pm.

Habit 2

Take stock of your week.

Make a note of what you believe were your three top achievements over the past week. Embrace the sense of satisfaction and positive emotion associated with getting these important things done. Finished a complex report that took you all week? Hi 5 for you. Helped a colleague with a customer problem that needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at it? Pats on the back all round. Finally got a deal closed that gets you back on track for the month? You get a gold star my friend.

Was there anyone who contributed significantly to your three greatest achievements? Follow-up those people with a word of thanks. (And maybe an after work beer).

Habit 3

What are your three most important goals for next week? Do you have sufficient time set aside to accomplish those goals? Who do you need some support from (go ahead and reach out to them before you end this week)? What is the very next action associated with each of those goals, and do you have that task clearly identified on your calendar or task list with a due date?

Get these in a list, start your ground work on a Friday = all set to smash up Monday.

The message here is to begin a weekly routine that will help you end the week in a positive way and help you get clarity on the most important things for next week. Now go home, enjoy the weekend, and forget about work. (Unless you work over the weekend, then, well, sorry). Time spent out of the office should be doing something you enjoy with the people who’s company you enjoy, so stay away from that inbox – if you’ve done everything you needed to on Friday, you shouldn’t need to be checking your emails on a Saturday afternoon.

Don’t spend Sunday night dreading Monday.

No matter how good your weekend is, Sunday evening fears are inevitable if a boring, uninspiring and negative Monday morning is looming in the near distance. You want soak up every possible moment of the weekend without spending time envisioning your next Case of the Mondays, but how?

If your job makes you excited to hop out of bed and get to work, you won’t be wasting time Sunday night thinking about the week with disappointment. Instead, you’ll be positive that the week ahead looks bright and look forward to putting your skills, and passion for the position, to good use. Better yet, if you enjoy the culture and your co-workers, you won’t just be “working for the weekend”…You can enjoy both!

Weekends are a great time to step away from the pressures of work, spend some quality time with your family and loved ones, and recover physically and mentally from the previous work week.

Getting ready for Monday? Be Awesome. 

As the weekend comes to a close and Monday morning nears the horizon, consider these ideas for getting your week off to a fabulous start:

Arrive 30 Minutes Earlier Monday Morning

Use this time to plan your week:

  • Review your calendar for last week, this week and next week.
  • Review your project list.
  • Review your “to-do” lists.
  • Review your annual goals – business and personal.
  • Review your e-mail inbox and key folders (but try to refrain from beginning the process of responding to e-mails during your planning time).

As part of your weekly planning, identity the top three goals you’d like to achieve this coming week – what are the three MOST IMPORTANT tasks or projects you need to accomplish?

For each of these top three goals, what is the very next action you need to do (or delegate to someone else)?

Schedule and Protect Time Blocks

Schedule blocks of time on your calendar to work on tasks associated with your top three goals. Time blocks of 60 to 90 minutes generally work best. Ideally time blocks should be uninterrupted time behind closed doors in your office whenever possible (or away from your office).

Entering the work week with a clear view of your goals, a clear plan of action, and enough time scheduled to work on them feels good and will almost always have a positive impact on your productivity and results for the week.

Hit the ground running on Mondays… get a positive start on your work week.

Enjoy your weekend, and have a great week!


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