Thank You!



I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Thank You. To everyone who has been in touch about my book project, and to those who have expressed an interest in sharing their stories. It has been an incredible response so far, and I’m really excited to share the book with you when its completed.

Currently I’m sat at around 20,000 words, and am planning to self publish the final product on Amazon books, Apple book store, Barnes and noble and Android book store. I’ve had some amazing support from charities, such as The Miscarriage Association, The Infertility Network and The Endometriosis Trust. It been a real learning curve, and I have cried, but it has been amazing so far to hear from so many people who are in a similar boat.

Tim and I will be running the Exeter Half Marathon in October to raise money for the Miscarriage Association and I plan on running the Great South Run again this year, potentially for another charity. If anyone would like to donate, the link to our page is here:

Anyhooo, this evening we are of to a Support group to hear from other couples and share a bit more about our circumstances and to hopefully speak to some other people about their struggles too. If you want to get in touch to discuss how you can contribute to the book, please comment below and Ill send you my email.


Have a great week!




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