The Best Damn Thing About Being A Woman…..

Today is International Women’s Day and around the world, people are sharing stories of the women who have inspired them, and what makes being a women in 2017 so freaking awesome. I thought it would be great to culminate these into a post to celebrate all of the very best things about being a woman, and just how awesome we are, because as Bey says, “We Run The World”.

Because we know that EVERYBody is awesome

News just in: Women like to wear make up, wear pretty dresses, and feel good about themselves. But women are also subjected to peer pressure, an a huge amount of pressure to look perfect. Thankfully, women also know how to raise each other up and support one another, and make each other feel fierce no matter what our shape, size, hair type, skin colour is. Body Positivity is giving women the empowerment to feel gorgeous, sexy and beautiful what ever their size, and ensure that women and girls know that your size has zero impact on your worth in society.

Being able to have a career alongside being a parent? NBD.

This may seem like old news in today’s era, however, there was a time where it was the only path women could take. Go to school, get a low level administrative job,think computer typing pools, telephone operators etc. (because thats all a lot of women were able to get) get married and have kids, thus leaving the work place. Its always been that men are seen as the main bread winners and women having a career meant they had to sacrifice having a family. I know loads of women who now combine having a successful career with a family, and that is pretty cool to me.

On the subject of having children…

How about the fact I pushed a watermelon size object out of my vagina and didn’t die?! 

Not me, but one of my best friends pointed this out to me. We often bash the NHS, but we should take a moment to be thankful for all the women (and men) who work tirelessly  when women go into labour. The number of birth based deaths dropped from more than 500,000 a year in 1980 to 343,000 a year in 2008. A lot of women are able to then get up and walk about the next day (though the jury is still out on weather you should or not) and that, is awesome.

We have more choice when it comes to careers.



Aviation Engineer


Crane Operator

All of these are predominantly seen as male professions, however women are now taking on these roles and crushing the gender gap when it comes to what women can and cannot do. There is still a huge difference in the numbers of men and women taking STEM based subjects and going into STEM (that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) industries, but that is slowly changing, and that rules.  Increasing the number of women in STEM is not just a task for today. If numbers are to rise, we must inspire future generations of women to get into the sector.

We can compete in pretty much any sport a man can do. 

If someone can find me a sport that is exclusively for men, then I will retract this.

Running ultra marathons across the globe? Done it.

Powerlifting? Yup

Ski Jumping? NBD.

Motorcross? Yup

Wrestling? Yip

Tri events? You bet.

Not only are we absolutely nailing these events, we are doing so with amazing flair and in some cases, with PBs that outdo our male counterparts.

When women first competed at the 1900 Paris Games, they were allowed to compete in lawn tennis and golf, though there were three French women competing in croquet and there was at least one woman sailor as part of mixed crews.

Following the addition of women’s boxing in 2012, and women’s ski jumping in 2014, there are no Olympic sports that are only for men in those Games.

For a sport I hold very close to my heart, In 1972, women were allowed to compete officially in the Boston Marathon for the first time. As running became a more popular sport during the 1970s, more women began competing in marathons. On October 28, 1973, the first all women’s marathon was held in Waldniel, West Germany.

Other perks from my peer group are:

Being a Single women is actually empowering and not an embarrassment to the family any more.

We can pretty much blame any outburst of anger and rage on Aunt Flo.

Taking off your bra can feel liberating

We are way better at multi tasking

Having the option to feel sexy and empowered.

We handle stressful situations more gracefully

We can change our hair and look completely different whenever we want

We have the ability to create life. You know, NBD.

We are better listeners – no, really. 

We have a higher life expectancy – my 95 year old Granny is a prime example

We have a ridiculously high pain threshold.

We have the choice to not carry a pregnancy if it isn’t something we want. 


I mean, can you really choose?

I can’t think of just one thing as the ‘best’ thing about being a woman and that may be the beauty of us: We are so multifaceted. We give life, we can feel how life grows inside of us – basically humanity is created by us. Multiple orgasms – can you really beat that? We live longer, we are – generally – more emotionally intelligent, better at communicating and more prone to empathy. We are great at multi-tasking, we have the ability to completely change our looks in different ways. High-heels – beautiful high heels are freaking awesome! And the curvy body parts. Oh, and did I mention the multiple orgasms?

As my fellow Feminist and close friend Alanna so eloquently put it:

“I am pro-feminist, pro-women and the best thing about being a woman is just that. Being a woman. We’re strong, we’re fucking fabulous and we have all the drive, determination, passion and intelligence to make a difference.”

The point of International Womens day is not only to celebrate just how amazing being a woman is, but to fight for womens rights and equality around the world.

In the UK, women are lucky enough to be able to vote, drive, walk freely down the street, however this isn’t the case across the world. In some countries women are not allowed to drive, vote and are considered to be the one who has to stay at home and look after the family and are not allowed to work. We are living in a world where many women across the world fight for their humanitarian rights,even if this means putting their own lives in danger. Just last week a Polish MP stood up and said women should still be paid less than men because “they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent”

Really? is this really the world we live in?

Here’s some badass women who think otherwise:

Tawakul Karman became the first Arab woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize
fighting for human rights and freedom of expression.

Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium which has contributed in the fight against cancer.

Ada Lovelace, famous mathematician and writer, is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s

Emmeline Pankhurst Fought for our right to vote!

Katherine  Johnson was a physicist and mathematician who made contributions to the United States’ aeronautics and space programs with the early application of digital electronic computers at NASA.

Sally Kristen Ride was an American physicist and astronaut, the first American woman in space in 1983.

So, who’s feeble weak now?

Heres to Strong Women. May we raise them, may we know them, may we be them.

For more information on International Womens Day and the work they do to ensure women have the same basic human rights around the world, please visit


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