Try Pod(Casts) Month – March 2017

This March the leading podcast publishers join forces to expand the podcast audience around the globe and asks their listeners to tell their friends to “try pods”.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for around 9 months now, and this month, a number of my favourite pod casters have been preaching to their listeners to try new podcasts and to introduce newcomers to their shows.

I love podcasts. I find it so easy to just get in the car, find something interesting to listen to, and learn something new on my morning commute. Sometimes at the gym I’ll listen to one, and when I go for a run, if I can’t be bothered trying to find a playlist to suit my mood, I’ll listen to a podcast. I use Spotify’s offline function and just listen away – it really is that easy. At work Ill usually stick one in my ears when I don’t want to talk to anyone (yes, I’m THAT person in the office) and find it a really easy way to occupy my brain and stop any distractions getting in.

In the UK some listening figures are provided by RAJAR, who are responsible for radio industry audience ratings.

Following its autumn 2015 research it claims 3.7 million adults listen to podcasts, which equates to around 6.5% of the adult population (OfCom’s last figures from 2010 put it at 7%).

RAJAR also provided a breakdown of device used:

  • Smart phone 57%
  • Lap tops 16%
  • Digital music players 15%
  • Tablets 8%

…and the preferred activity of the listeners, with listening while commuting (42%) the most popular, followed by relaxing or doing nothing (34%).

If you go on Spotify’s podcast button you will find 100’s of podcast channels to listen to, so there is bound to be something you are going to like. With Genres ranging from Comedy to Science to Sports to Conspiracy Theories and a shit tonne of others, there really is something for everyone. And the best part is, a lot of them are FREE. Below I’ve listed (In no particular order) my top 10 podcasts which can be found on Spotify, Itunes, Google play music and everywhere else great podcasts are found.

Stuff you Should Know

Ever wanted to know how optical illusions work? Or how a dictatorship is formed? Perhaps you’ve always wondered if you really can live without a bank account, or maybe, you want to know what exploding head syndrome is? Say no more, and listen to stuff you should know. Your good friends Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant will guide you through the many questions that the universe asks such as “Hows does a landfill work?” to “How to Survive an Avalanche”.  With their upbeat humour and extremely funny anecdotes on all subjects, you will quickly become hooked on SYSK podcasts, if only to be able to impress your friends with your knowledge of how Shopping Malls work and the ins and outs of Death Tax.


Liftoff is my number one space podcast. They were one of the first podcasts I started listening to and I am not sorry to say that I have listened to about 3 years worth in the last 9 months. Presented by Jason Snell and Stephen Hackett, who are passionate space and science enthusiasts who talk with addictive passion. They release a new episode every fortnight discussing space news and space related subjects from NASA, ESA and the Chinese Space Agency. I absolutely love listening to their podcasts as a huge space nerd and find the way that they talk about space and science in a really easy to understand way, so as they say, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it.

Stuff Mom Never Told you

Now, I wont lie, when I first came across this podcast I suspected it would be more of a “things my mum didn’t tell me about being a girl” and I would find out all the secrets of the sisterhood, when in fact, it is so much better than that. Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin discuss all things women, the good, the bad, the ugly, the struggles, the best bits, and the fucking nasty bits. The Podcast was revived later in the year with new presenters Emily and Bridget. As a Feminist this podcast has really helped me identify myself and helped me to understand more of the things that mean a lot  to me, and made me appreciate even more just how fortunate we as women in 2017, and also still how hard it is to be a woman in 2017. Body shamed thigh gap crazy cat ladies, paired with the Women in NASA women in Islam  and slut shaming 101 anyone? These girls got you covered.


My Dad Wrote a Porno

Well, this is awkward.

My dad did not write a porno, lets just get that out there first of all. But someones dad did write a porno, and published it into a book, and it was so bad that his son decided to make a podcast out of it. There is really not much else to it, it’s absolutely hilarious, and the book is painfully awkward. Please listen, much laughs to be had. I think I laughed so much I pee’d a little. Definitely not one to listen to at the gym when doing cardio.

They have three books out to listen to on the Acast app, and all three are ridiculous.

The Awkward Humans Survival Guide

Another podcast full of laughs, as a socially awkward human myself I thought this podcast would offer advice on how to deal with every day difficult and awkward situations, and it does, but it also talks about how to deal with some really REALLY awkward situations, such as Trans gender vaginas, how to deal with the office pungent bathroom orders, the trials and tribulations of LGBTQ communities and all that goes with it, super long distance relationships, and listener mail such as “my best friend wants to quit his job and work on a BDSM cruise” to “how do I ask my fear inflicting sexist boss for a raise” to what to do if your kid has a Nazi fetish. It all sounds a bit fucked up and awkward right? Well that’s kind of the point. Trust me, try one episode, and you will love it.

Marathon Talk

This is my favourite running podcast to listen to, and I often have it between my ears when I’m out running. There is something quite inspired about listening to other runners and the topics associated with my favourite sport. Each episode discusses different topics surrounding running, both professionally such as the doping scandals,  cross-country championships and the Olympics and Nancy normal like me, such as Park Run news, the Listener Podium and training tips through those horrible winter months – anyone who has done a spring marathon know how hard it is to run 18 miles in February. It’s such a great podcast and anyone who is a runner should definitely give these guys a listen.

No Such Thing as a Fish

A fantastic podcast that is broadcast from the QI offices in London in which the writers and researchers from the hit BBC Show gather round and make light of the news and facts from the current week. Anyone who watched the spin-off “no such thing as the news” in 2016 will love this podcast. I love the quirky nature of the stories and it’s just a really interesting way to get a weekly rundown on a Friday. The regular QI elves who present No Such Thing as a Fish are Andrew Hunter Murray, Dan Schreiber, Anna Ptaszynski and James Harkin, and are insanely clever nerds who really know their stuff.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

The Skeptics guide is another podcast that I’ve been listening to for a long time and I love it. As a sceptic, my take on things is very, well., sceptical. As in, If you can’t provide evidence which is based on scientific facts and studies, I find it very hard to believe. Trust me, I want to be proven wrong, but I want to be proven wrong with science, not just because someone said so.

Hosted by Steven Novella and a bunch of other awesome presenters (who change often, so I’m not going to list all of them) every week  the show features discussions of recent scientific developments in layman’s terms, and interviews authors, people in the area of science and other famous skeptics. The show also includes discussions of myths, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, the paranormal, and many general forms of superstition, from the point of view of scientific skepticism. Basically if you love science and have a similar way of thinking, you’re gonna love this.

(On the side of this, I also love Skepchics, but I’ve only just started listening – but please try this one too!)

Regular Girls 

Each week Friends, Wino’s, and Certified Regular Girls Renee Young and Stacey McGunnigle shoot the sh*t and catch up on their week in a podcast that will make you want to immediately run to the store to buy cheap wine and probably some cheese for later. I absolutely adore this podcast and I’m not ashamed to admit the only reason I started listening to this is because I love Renee Young (of WWE fame, kick ass presenter of the Pay Per Views, Talking Smack, etc) and this is such an awesome show! The show talks about a host of topics, from Fitbits to Primping to annoying nicknames and everything else in between.

Stuff to Blow your Mind

The last one in my list, but certainly not the least, this is the third one on my list from the gang. This is another science based podcast looking at cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels,and neurological quandaries (their words, not mine.) Hosted by Robert Lamb & Joe McCormick this podcast dives into the super strange science in the universe. Episodes include the myth of green tea hallucinations and bio-hacking and the road to transhumanisim. Yeah. loads of big words there. The episodes ive listened to have literally blown my mind, and I love this show. If you like super science, you’ll love this.


So that is my favourite Podcasts! If you haven’t already, seriously, give them a try. There is definitely something out there for everyone and they are so easy to access these days. All of the ones I have mentioned (with the exception of regular girls and my dad wrote a porno) are on spotify, google play music and I tunes and are available to download offline so if you’re going on a long trip you can download a load of them to make the drive a little less difficult.

Please let me know which ones you love to listen to and let me know if you have a listen to any of the above!






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