Cruelty Free – How Hard Can it Be? The Hair Experiment.

Hello again my lovely readers!

So, last time we were on this subject, I wrote about the reasons why I’m transitioning over to cruelty free brands and how to tell if your products really are cruelty free. So today I’m going to show you just how easy it is to start the switch, starting off with my number one beauty product that I cannot go without, my red hair dye. 

Some of my favourite non cruelty free products are

Benefit hello flawless foundation

Garnier Olia hair colour

L’Oreal Matte setting spray

Maybelline age rewind concealer


These for me, were complete ride or die products that I couldn’t ever do without. they were easy to access, they were relatively cheap and more often than not always on offer in boots. I’ve always just bought them without even thinking about it, so like a lot of others, I was rather concerned that going cruelty free was going to be difficult. Would I ever find a foundation that gave me such flawless coverage? Is there another concealer out there that can cover these bags? WHAT ABOUT MY ROOTS?!


Then I stumbled upon an article about Superdrug. Superdrug’s own brand products in particular all carry the Leaping Bunny logo and have done since 2010 when they were accredited, which is absolutely amazing.  As the website confirms:

“Here at Superdrug we’ve always been passionate against animal testing, that is why we do not test our Own Brand products on our furry friends for cosmetic reasons! All our Own Brand Toiletries and Household products have the stamp of approval from Cruelty Free International which means you will find the Leaping bunny logo on pack” 

I mean, how cool is that?!


So, I decided to try out some of their products to see if they match up to my competitors, especially hair dye. I’ve been dying my hair red for YEARS. About 10 or so, and I’ve used the same brands every time, which consist of Olia and Live by Schwarzkopf. I picked up a pack of their red hair dye to try out, along with a few other essentials, (Including some Make Up Revolution, but they deserve their own post later).


This really is just a standard box dye, and I have to say I was really impressed:


You get a crap tonne of conditioner instead of a little sachet like some other brands

It doesn’t smell so overwhelming that you might pass out

The colour is incredibly pigmented  and didn’t stain my scalp.

Non drip formula – no mess, no fuss.

When I washed my hair the second time there wasn’t the dramatic fade that you sometimes get with other red box dyes which means I wont need to re colour with a temporary colour – woohoo!

It left my hair feeling soft and glossy, which is always a plus.

So I have to say, I’m converted! I’m slowly moving everything in our bathroom to cruelty free, which is actually very easy when you remember that Superdrug does literally EVERYTHING  from toothpaste to shaving gel to sun cream, all cruelty free, all at a great price, and all on the doorstep.

I’m always looking for new recommendations on products that are cruelty free, so please leave me your favorites below – have you used Superdrugs hair dyes? What did you think?


until next time,

H xx




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