Cruelty Free Beauty – My Top Palette Picks!

Hey my awesome readers, I how you’re having a great weekend. So todays entry is all about make up, and some of my top favorite palettes that I can’t be without. These are all cruelty free options from brands I adore!


I am a huge fan of a palette and sometimes have to hold myself back and give myself a reality check – ” Do I really NEED this one?” is often a thought that goes through my head when I’m buying makeup, and I can usually justify it – not always for the right reasons though! I’ve got about 11 at the moment with at least another 2 en route from various online retailers (Nicole Guerrero with Anastasia anybody? Ugh that thing is LIFE –  soon it will be mine) so I think for now, I’m good. But these are my absolute favorites that I can’t go without!

Tarte x Bunny Swamp Queen palette.

This is hands down, the BEST money I have ever spent. Anyone who knows Bunny aka GraveyardGirl knows about this absolute bomb collection which hit Sephora, ulta and last year. I sat and waited for 5 hours to get this and it is so worth the money. I also have the 2 liquid lipsticks in my collection and they truly are to die for.

The names are gorgeous – Sweet Tea? Does this thing really work? Gator Wings? I mean, its Bunny all over. I adore this so much I bought 2, so I can never be without my gator wings – because it is the most amazing highlighter I ever did see!


Makeup Revolution – Flawless Matte 1,2

These eyeshadow kits are amazing. I absolutely love MUR for creating beautiful affordable pigmented to high heaven makeup – these babies cost £8 each – EIGHT POUNDS​ – which is an absolute bargain for 32 shadows! I adore matte shadows, personally Im not a huge fan of glitter or shimmer so these just called to me.They have a beautiful formula, and staying power to rival some of the morphe eyeshadow kits. They really are amazing, I use them pretty much every day and just love them – did I mention they were only £8 each?!


Urban Decay Naked on the Run

This is a little old now, I bought this a few Christmas’ ago and it is still going strong! I adore Urban Decay, their eye shadow palettes were some of my first real high-end beauty buys and I have always loved the pigmented colors and the formula is amazing. I love this pink blusher and this is one of two bronzers I own and use regularly in the summer (#palegirlproblems). As you can see, I have used the highlighter a fair amount too – I wish it had a bigger pan of this because the color is awesome! It also comes with a gorgeous nude lip gloss, perversion mascara and a 24hr wear eyeliner – this comes with me whenever I go away for a night as it is pretty much all I need (other than concealer, brows, foundation etc).


Make Up Revolution – Corrector palette, Sugar and Spice Blush, Light and Shade.

So, I bought all three of these a few weeks ago – two were replacements, and one was one of those “but do I really need this?” purchases.  I use them all quite often hence why they look a lil’ “well used”.

So the Light and Shade kit is my newest addition to the MUR family.Obviously I DID really need it. I mean, it’s a dupe for THAT kit. I personally don’t really like KVD make up because for some reason it does not agree with my skin, like, it doesn’t sit right, and I find the shadows and the shade and light contour kit (Which I had to give away, despite it being so gorgeous) just did not like my skin at all – gave me a nasty rash and made my eyes puff up. So finding out MUR had a kit which was basically identical which does agree with my sensitive as fcuk skin was AWESOME.


I absolutely love the blush kit, as a pale girl I can wear pretty much all the shades without it making me look like a clown – the only thing I don’t use is the pink highlight, not a fan. But everything else gets a massive thumbs up. It’s pigmented to high heaven so a little really goes a long way.

The corrector palette is another staple for me – I don’t colour correct every day, but on the days where my acne scars are looking a little more red than usual and my skin looks dull (thanks Aunt Flo) and I want to have flawless skin, I will use this on those areas to give my skin a more even base –  that way I dont use anywhere near as much foundation or concealer because my base layer is looking awesome!


A recent night out- full glam, colour correction, highlight on point, glowing like a glazed donut.
So, that’s some of my collection! I hope you guys liked this post, and please let me know your favorite kits too – because what girl doesn’t want more palettes!?


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  1. I’ve not tried the swamp queen palette but it looks so good! I also use the urban decay perversion eyeliner daily, it just doesn’t budge and I absolutely love how it applies. I didn’t get it out of the naked on the run palette though but that palette also looks amazing too.

    Ellie Xx |

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