Redken Haul & Review

Hello all!

So, this is a little different from my normal posts, in that the products I’m talking about today aren’t cruelty free. These are the only products I use that arent cruelty free and it is simply because it is the only stuff I have used on my hair which actually makes a difference – and trust me, I have tried many, many different brands including cruelty free ones and they just done cut the mustard, so please don’t judge me!

I was very lucky to get my hands on a new hair haul over the weekend of my absolute favourite hair care products which are all from Redken. I was introduced to the brand in September last year and just fell in love with it from the first wash! So I thought today, I’d talk you through the products I use.


The main collection I use is the Redken Extreme collection. This collection has been designed to repair weak and damaged hair to its former glory, or in my case, to a new level of healthy hair.

In addition to this, I also switch it up with the frizz dismiss range which helps reduce frizzy-ness is humid conditions and keeps hair smoother for longer, and my blow dry is given a helping hand with the Pillow Proof Hair drying primer spray and cream.

Lets go EXTREME first.

As per the website:

Extreme strengthening products give damaged hair the strength it needs to help prevent hair breakage and damage. Extreme shampoo, conditioner and mega mask, part of our SMART Haircare family, are now powered by RCT Protein Complex to fortify hair to be 15x stronger.* Extreme also infuses hair with proteins and can reduce hair breakage by up to 75%** with the combined use of Extreme Shampoo, Extreme Conditioner, and Extreme Anti-snap.

Fortify hair to be 15x stronger.* 75%** reduction in breakage.

*When using system of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mega Mask
**When using system of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Anti-Snap

I’m lucky enough to have the full collection from the Extreme Hair Strengthening system, which may seem a tad excessive for some but for me, its great, because I can mix and match what I need from the range depending on how my hair is behaving that day.




Shampoo & Conditioner

So these are the core treatments that I use, I use these every other day when I wash my hair, they smell amazing and like most of the redken brand you don’t need much, about a pound sized amount does the job well and just on their own they leave your hair feeling silky smooth.

A smart, targeted delivery system, the exclusive new RCT Protein Complex treats hair from the root to the core to the tip, giving all 3 levels the custom nourishment they need.


  • Cleanses, strengthens hair and restores shine
  • Helps fortify weakened area
  • Conditioner helps to smooth and detangle damaged corse hair

Extreme CAT protein Reconstructing Hair Treatment Spray


This spray, hands down has saved the ends of my hair, to the point that I can wear my hair down all day and night and it doesn’t go floofy and dry and nasty. You are supposed to spray it on after your shampoo, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse and condition, I usually spray it all over my hair before I go for a run with the leave in primer and then rinse off when I get back, then shampoo and condition. I will often use it after I’ve been to the gym too and I don’t know how, but it has helped my split ends and fall out no end. Its amazing. Redken describe it as a strengthening protein hair treatment spray that reconstructs, reconditions and adds immediate strength without added weight. I call it Hair Jesus.

Extreme Anti-snap leave in treatment

Award winning leave-in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage.Another treatment for super damaged hair like mine, this stuff is heavenly. It’s a great leave in treatment for after shampoo and conditioner that you don’t need to rinse off. I usually put this on at night and leave my hair to air dry and in the morning my hair is silky soft and so easy to style, its amazing. Plus it smells dreeeeamy.

So these are my “basic” Items that I use every wash. I would recommend definitely using these as they genuinely make a huge difference to the strength of your hair. I have noticed that my hair fallout has dramatically decreased to how bad it used to be, and when I style my hair there isn’t a wig sized amount left on my floor or brush.

These next three are optional, however if you have severely damaged hair like I do, they are worth the investment.

Extreme Length primer Rinse out treatment


This is the other rinse out treatment I put on my hair when I go out for a run. I find that by doing this it gets a good hour or so to work into my hair and do its thing up there. Then when I get home Ill rinse both of them off and wash my hair as normal. Described as a rinse out biotin enhanced split-end primer treatment that builds strength from root to tip, helping you achieve your maximum hair length, this has helped with not only the lengths and ends of my hair not being a dry crappy mess, but my hair is growing down, instead of out, which is a common trait with frizz!

Extreme Strengthening Mega Mask


Mask number one is a MEGA mask. What makes a mask mega I hear you cry? Well, its a two in one strengthening hair mask that is both a treatment + care extender designed specifically for your damaged hair. You squirt out a £2 coin sized amount, disperse through the lengths and ends and leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off. Its jam-packed with proteins to help keep your hair in top condition and leaves your hair silky smooth.

Extreme Strength Builder Mask


 Mask number 2 is all about strength and reconstruction. This mask has literally make my hair stronger, sleeker and healthier. It has a glossy finish to it now which my hair has never had before, and makes it smell gorgeous.  It’s an intense, silky rich fortifying treatment for your distressed hair.

I guess you don’t *need* both masks, but hey, hair masks are everything. They add a touch of luxury to your hair care routine and if your hair is a dry and damaged as mine, you really cannot have more than enough hair masks. As I run 4 times a week or so, and as a result I wash my hair more than normal so I don’t want to dry it out wish a shampoo and conditioner treatment, so adding these extra steps really does make my hair look better and feel healthier.

So what about Frizz Dismiss?


So this normally gets used when I’m on holiday or my hair is really misbehaving. the Frizz dismiss line is an anti-humidify, , smoothing hair care products offers the first-ever Frizz Protection Factor with 4 levels of smoothing. Frizz Dismiss offers heat and humidity protection with a sulphate-free, sodium chloride-free cleansing system. Its even safe for chemically straightened hair. Redkens Frizz Protection Factor (FPF), the first-ever professional scale, allows you to choose protection from frizzy hair based on hair type and humidity level.

I use the Shampoo and Conditioner and the leave in cream:

Shampoo & Conditioner:

I love these because unlike other smoothing products I have used, these are sulphate free and don’t weight you hair down. So your hair feels smooth and sleek but not heavy and full of product.

The sulphate free anti-humidity smoothing shampoo cleanses and provides smoothness and manageability while protecting hair from humidity for lasting frizz control, which the conditioner compliments by working as an Anti-humidity hair smoothing conditioner, it moisturises and provides smoothness, manageability and shine while protecting hair from humidity for lasting frizz control.

I particularly like using these when we go to my partners house in Spain, as the water is a different ball game and it can leave your hair quite dry. This shampoo and conditioner ensures your mane is silky smooth and looking gaaawjus all the time.

Leave-in Hair Smoothing Treatment

I use this stuff religiously after almost every wash. It just takes your hair to a new level of smooth by ensuring that every cuticle is cared for and treated. It also helps protect your hair from heat styling to a ridiculous level of up to 446 degrees and  provides intense discipline to knock down frizz with lasting control

Pillow Proof Range


So This is relatively new to me, but I already know its going to be something I purchase again and again. It comes in both a spray and a cream formula so naturally I got both.

I personally prefer the cream because my hair is so big, it helps to really smooth it down and make it easier to blow-dry. I don’t know if it makes a radical difference to the time it takes to blow dry my hair, but it does make it easier to blow dry, and makes straightening a lot easier. Also I have noticed my hair needs less styling between washed as it somehow manages to keep the style for longer – again, thank you Hair Jesus! It’s so simple to use – after you wash your hair, towel dry and then add some of these to your hair through the lengths and ends, leave for a few minutes and then blow dry – you will notice that it is quicker and easier to dry even the wildest of manes!

The cream is described as “A Nourishing treatment blow-dry primer cream is ideal for all hair types, especially dry, thick or coarse. Reduces blow-dry time, protects from heat up to 450 degrees, helps reduce breakage and provides 24-hour lasting volume without weighing hair down. After using the blow-dry primer cream, hair is left 3x stronger and healthier and perfectly primed for any styling. It’s the first step for every blow-dry that needs extra care and nourishment!”

  • Hydrating and nourishing cream
  • Protects from heat up to 450 degrees
  • Reduces blow-dry time
  • Helps prevent breakage
  • 3x stronger and healthier hair
  • Boosts the benefit of styling products

I honestly feel like this has been a complete godsend for my hair. It feels softer, stronger and more nourished. If you have less than well-loved hair this stuff is definitely worth a try because it does work. Trust me, I’ve been trying to find a magic formula for years and I wouldn’t write an article on it if I didn’t believe a word I was typing. I wasn’t sponsored to write this, and even if I was I wouldn’t change a word because it really is amazing stuff!

Redken is available at salons nationwide, feel unique, look fantastic, and their own online store. Let me know what you think in the comments below – are you #redkenobsessed?

H xx


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