Cloud Nine Hair Tools – Better than GHD?

Hello to you all!

Well, after a manic weekend of moving house, settling in, then a night out in London with my beau, I am back! Today’s blog is all about hair care and heat styling, and some amazing new straighteners that have changed my life (well, my hair but yanno).

I received a huge box from Cloud Nine with some new hair straighteners this week and oh my gawd, these little beauties are amazing! So here is my review on these divine new straightening irons.


Cloud Nine are a multi award-winning hair styling tool which have won the hearts of a multitude of bloggers, influencers, stylists and salons worldwide. From the original founder of GHD Cloud Nine brings you the latest in hair straightening innovation.

Wait, what? GHD?

YES. THEY’RE THE BRAINCHILD OF MR GHD. He managed to make these bad boys even better than the original – not hard if you ask me, besides,they’ve been ruling the market for years and deserve some real competition.

Anyways, back to the irons. What makes them so great? Are they really better than GHDs? Can they tame even the wildest of tresses like my own?

The tools themselves are packed with smart technology designed to make straightening your hair easier, quicker, and with less heat, safer on your hair. Cloud Nine tools create amazing results at lower temperatures, producing extra-smooth, ultra-shiny, healthier hair – whatever your type.

Heres how:


Cloud Nine tools are equipped with unique Smart Technology which intelligently functions to maintain your chosen individual styling temperature. The natural mineral infused into the ceramic plates helps create the smoothest, most efficient heat styling whilst dramatically reducing the risks of damage. So they use less heat than GHDs and straighten your hair smoother and faster. GHDS heat to around 230 degrees, whereas these babies only go as high as 195. Yikes.


Cloud Nine Irons and Wands emit negative ions (anions). These helpful molecules lock-in moisture, seal the cuticle layer and minimize damage to your hair’s natural structure. Anions are also believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieving stress and boosting energy.


Continuous use of Cloud Nine products at lower temperatures results in shinier, healthier looking hair and long-lasting styles. even if you have hair like mine that looks less curly and messy, more Einstein paying with plug sockets.

So, lets take a look at them shall we?


Here are mine – I chose the White Touch Gloss edition which also donates £10 to Great Ormond Street Hospital for every pair sold (good feel dolphins activated). The Touch delivers heat almost immediately from switch on and is completely button free!

In the box we have:

  • White Touch Gloss Edition Tools,
  • Protective Heat Guard,
  • Heat Proof Carry Case.

(The heat guard is especially useful and ensures no carpets will be burned if your straighteners fall off the desktop – huzzah!)

As per their site:

“Featuring button-less technology, simply touch the plates together to activate and a further three times to switch between temperatures. The tools have an auto shut off function after 30 seconds of no use.

The two temperature settings (165ºC and 195ºC) allow you to choose the heat best suited to your hair, to achieve lasting style with less damage.

The mineral-coated ceramic plates offer kinder styling, by locking moisture into the hair, delivering a polished, glossy and shiny end result.”

So how do they fare against GHDs?

Well, besides the 93% of customers who said they prefer these to GHD, how well do they actually perform? Pretty darn well actually! I used to have to carve out an hour to blowdry and straighten my hair, whereas yesterday it took me about 20 minutes. I didn’t feel the need to keep going over the same hair sections to get it straight either. Plus when I woke up this morning, my hair was still pretty straight so I didnt have to do much to it – a life saver if you ask me.

Best Bits:

  • Heats up immediately – like, IMMEDIATELY.
  • ​The protective heat guard  protects your surfaces and carpets from unnecessary damage.
  • IMAG1065
  • Super lightweight – they weigh a measly 390gms!
  • The plug – the plug turns into an EU style plug. So long extra adapters (Just kidding, we still need those).
  • No snagging or pulling on the hair – the plates glide along the length of your hair easily.
  • Curved Barrel means curls are easy to achieve.
  • Temperature control – tap your irons together three times (a la Dorothy) and you can switch between 165 and 195 degrees.


I would say the only drawback is the price. Cloud Nine prices start at £120 and go up to over £150 whereas you can buy GHD IV stylers for around £80 online. However, I have used GHDs for years and had problems with the plates a lot, I found curling very hard to do with my GHDs and the snagging on my hairs, plus they just seems to take ages to work through my lion’s mane of hair. These new straighteners cut the time it takes by half at the least.

Plus, when you sign up to the mailing list, you get 10% off your first order. Or, you can use code Glossy25 to get £25 off your tools.


Throughout 2017 Cloud Nine will be commencing a tour of UK Salons.

In exchange for your GHD Irons, we will give you a brand new pair of Cloud Nine Irons ABSOLUTELY FREE.

FREE – Get signed up to that mailing list!

So there you have it. To me, these are a far superior hair tool to anything I have used before. The quality, the packaging and presentation are all incredible, and the reviews really do speak for themselves. 9/10 customers prefer Cloud Nine to GHD, and 95% would recommend them to a friend. I am converted and look froward to creating many styles with my Cloud Nines.


So now, it’s over to you – do you own a pair of these? If so, what do you think? Would you trade in your GHDs for a pair of new straighteners?


Until next time,







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