Elements Rainwear

Good afternoon my lovelies! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far.

So this is a little different from my usual blogs, however, on Friday 19th May I joined forces with two other awesome bloggers, @Ecowildchild and @ShialaSkies (go follow them on Instagram, you wont regret it) and we were invited to go visit Elements Rainwear for a factory tour, a Q&A and  try on session of some of their absolutely GORGEOUS rainwear apparel and their HQ in Brackley.

A Huge huge thank you to Gary for taking time out to show us around, we had an absolutely amazing day out.

Who are Elements?

The brainchild of a man with a passion for great individual fashion and keeping a British Manufacturing heritage alive, Elements rainwear are one of the last companies in Europe to design, produce and manufacture high quality fashionable rainwear using traditional methods on traditional machines. They have lovingly preserved the  methods of production by using the same machines today that were used in the “Marks Bros of Ardwick” Old Mill Factory in the 1960’s.

The team at Elements are deeply committed to keeping this British heritage alive and painstakingly cut, mold, weld and sew every coat they make in a variety of designs and cuts to suit anyone. They may well not be the cheapest,  but with beautiful coats which will last you a lifetime you will  not regret a purchase from these guys, plus, you are getting something completely different from the fast fashion on the high street today, and supporting a great British industry.

The company has three main lines as per their website:

  • Elements- The Elements range of coats are the flagship items, made with the highest quality material to exacting standards they really are the ultimate in fashion and luxury! Focusing on classic vintage designs these coats have a romantic elegant flare.
  • London Reign- Looking for something a bit more modern with a dash of urban styling? Then London Reign is for you! Modern design with an edgy twist these coats are perfect for any punk princess! Quirky design features like contrasting binding and unique cuffs makes these coats interesting as well as beautiful.
  • Elements rainwear encompass our stylish range of everyday rainwear from vintage inspired design to funky festival wear there is something for everyone! From suits to hats and umbrellas everything here is made to exacting standards and offers real value for money

With festival season fast approaching, these beautiful coats will keep you dry and stand out from the mainstream crowd of binliners and pacamacs, and will last you for many many years to come. Plus, starting from around £20.00 you can get a beautifully designed hand crafted coat that will last much longer than anything you can get on the high street for the same price, and you are supporting a living wage employer right here in the UK.

But Hollie, isnt PVC Evil?

Heck no! PVC has for some reason gotten a bad name over the years, dubbing it a dangerous plastic that cannot be recycled, re-used, or anything. That could not be further from the truth. Over the decades environmentalists have been bashing plastics and PVC dubbing it as deadly and dangerous from production to disposal, but let me give your mind a little ease, and especially from the standpoint of Elements Rainwear.

PVC is a hard-wearing, long-lasting plastic that when incinerated incorrectly gives off dioxin. Post-consumer PVC is difficult to recycle and, when compared to the recycling efforts of other plastics, vinyl is doing a poor job. The final option for disposing vinyl is to throw it in landfills, but additives in PVC can sometimes result in hazardous waste.


Vinyl typically lasts longer than other materials, so it appears in landfills less often than its non-vinyl equivalents. PVC only releases dioxin if it is not incinerated properly, and claims that vinyl in landfills could break down and release toxins into groundwater are unsupported. On the contrary, most landfill liners today are made with PVC because of its enduring strength.

This vintage 50’s jacket has lasted so well over the years, why would you want to throw this away? Donated by a collector, this gorgeous coat made me feel like a princess!

The offcuts from Elements Rainwear and used right down until it cannot be used any more. Some scraps are used to make pockets, belts, hoods, and other detailing, and when they can’t be used any more, the company responsibly recycles them with a local company, which takes the scraps, melts it down with other plastics to make it more pliable, and then it is turned into wheelie bins. Yup, that’s right, your recycling bin is made from recycled plastics that were destined to be rain coats. So not only is the company making products that can last well over 50 years (we were shown some vintage jackets from the 60’s that looked brand new), and will therefore reduce the need to re-purchase, they also responsibly recycle every scrap they cannot use. Talk about doing good for mother nature huh?

All of these scraps will be recycled into recycling bins – the circle is complete! Nothing is wasted and everything is responsibly disposed of, doing good for the planet

We were fortunate enough to have a little try on session of some of the gorgeous jackets on offer, and I cannot wait for a rainy day to go out and show of my Romantica coat. As you can see they offer a huge range of colors, cuts, finishes and fits to suit everyone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Again, a huge thank you to all the team at Elements for giving us the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how these amazing coats are made, we had an absolutely great day out. I cant wait for some drizzy rain so I can go out and flaunt my new coat, its so beautiful, I’ll treasure it forever!

Please let me know what you think of these gorgeous coats? Would you wear them? Would you buy one to wear to a festival? I suspect the answer is yes. Break the mold, step away from the high street and support a great UK business and help carry on the traditions of quality British manufacturing.

Until next time,



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