Forever Against Animal Testing is Live!

Good morning, Happy Friday and welcome to JUNE to all my readers! I hope you have had a great week.


I posted on Instagram last week about a conversation I had with a store manager at The Body Shop about their Forever Against Animal Testing Campaign, and I am pleased to tell you it is now LIVE!

You can read a little more about the initiative here, and take a few seconds to add your name to the petition here – each vote brings us one step closer to a world without animal testing.


The Body Shop has been a pioneer in this campaign, which started in 1989 with the late founder Anita Roddick teaming up with Cruelty Free International, and the brand became the first international beauty brand to not only campaign against animal testing, but the first to be giving leaping bunny status in 1997. By 2003, they had helped to get animal testing within the European union banned for all cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.


As of Today, The Body Shop has joined forces with Cruelty Free International once again to announce its Forever Against Animal Testing campaign.

The goal? To collect 8 million signatures from people all over the world. One million alone will get the petition through the door at the United Nations, so they’re aiming high with this one — and for good reason. The objective is to call for an international convention that will ban animal testing worldwide, for good. With new technological advancements, there are now plenty of viable alternatives to testing on animals that are often quicker, cheaper, and more effective — so why is anyone still doing it?

Lets take a look as some figures:
  • Cosmetics and ingredients have been tested on animals for over 50 years.
  • Cruelty Free International estimates that 500,000 animals are used for cosmetics testing globally each year. That’s 1,390 a day, and 25,000,000 over 50 years.
  • 80% of countries worldwide don’t have any laws against animal testing.
  • Did we mention that a single ingredient being tested can kill at least 1,400 animals?

(When you put it that way, 8 million signatures seems like a pretty reasonable goal to reach.)

Here is a map to show you where Animal Testing is banned. There are no words. Countries are making progress, Australia has committed to banning animal testing on cosmetics and ingredients in the next few years, but other than that, 80% of the world does not and has not stated they will ban animal testing.
So now its down to you (and you, and you, and you).
Sign the petition today, and get all your friends to do it, too. (You can follow along and spread the word by tagging #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting and @TheBodyShop, too.) Because there’s no reason we should have to sacrifice the lives of innocent creatures just to make sure our lipstick doesn’t go on patchy. We just don’t need it any more. Besides, we the huge amount of cruelty free cosmetics on the market it is so easy to go cruelty free now.
In a world where the President of the United States is pulling an entire country (and one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases) out of the climate-change agreement that helped protect the planet, the least we can do is give our fellow animals a hand. Who knows when we might be needing their help?


Until next time, have a great weekend,

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