Wear whatever the F*ck you want, regardless of the Telegraphs Opinion

Howdy readers! Well, today I am a little mad. And Sad. But mostly, I'm fucking pissed. Its 2018, and today on my Linkedin feed, someone posted that the Telegraph has published an article titled " Why wearing too much makeup harms a woman's leadership chances". I for one am pissed at this article. Let me... Continue Reading →


International Womens Day – Boss Ladies who inspire me.

Hello my loves! Welcome back and for all my wimmin, HAPPY GALS DAY! Today is the day we celebrate women all over the world. Women who smash down the patriarchy, break the rules, and inspire us.  This years campaign is #PressforProgress. International Women's Day (IWD) celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.... Continue Reading →

No Job = New Career?

Why leaving a job isn't the end of the world. It’s not easy to admit that the time has come to move on from a job, especially if it’s one that you loved for the greater portion of your time there. It’s even more difficult to know what to do next. Much like recognizing that a relationship... Continue Reading →

Friday to Monday, Stress Free

First Published on LinkedIn, Friday 11th September 2015 It’s Friday! As the week comes to a close (for most of us), I want to share some habits that anyone in any profession can adopt to finish this week on a productive and positive high, and set yourself up for another awesome week. How To End Your... Continue Reading →

Be your own Yoda.

Taken from my Linkedin Blog. In this series, professionals thank those who helped them reach where they are today. Read the posts here, then write your own. Use #ThankYourMentor and @mention your mentor when sharing. For those of you who follow my posts, You'll know that Good old Sir Richard Branson is one of my... Continue Reading →

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