IVF Diaries – Telling your child they’re an IVF baby

Welcome back my loves! I hope you are all enjoying your week. This weeks topic is all about "the talk". You know the one, the one you had with your parents when you hit puberty, either the way my mum did (Cried, produced a box of sanitary pads and chocolate and announced I was now... Continue Reading →


IVF Diaries – Surviving Christmas & Trying to Make a Baby

Deck the halls folks, the festive period is upon us! Undoubtedly the most stressful time of year for (almost) everyone, Christmas is the time of year where families all over the world force themselves around one kitchen table and pretend to really laugh when Uncle Derek tells his favourite dirty Christmas jokes. the Hellish November-to-Christmas-to-New-Year... Continue Reading →

NFAW – The IVF Diaries – Rhona & Nigel

Hey loves! Welcome back. For this series throughout NFAW, I have spoken to a couple of super-humans who have experienced the IVF cycle. Today we are talking to Rhona about her IVF journey. I hope this helps other couples to understand in real human terms the emotional and practical hurdles you face going through IVF.... Continue Reading →

NFAW – IVF is 40!

Hello my loves! Todays post is a celebration of IVF. On 10 November 1977, IVF worked and nine months later Louise Joy Brown – the world’s first IVF baby – was born. Since then more than a quarter of a million UK babies have been born via IVF. As part of this year’s National Fertility Awareness Week... Continue Reading →

NFAW – What to say and What not to say

Hello again! Today's post is all about support. When you are going through infertility treatments, you will suddenly discover that a lot of people you know are fertility experts who will offer up advice to you about how to get pregnant, how their mums friend from works daughter got pregnant after following an online diet... Continue Reading →

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