NFAW – IVF is 40!

Hello my loves! Todays post is a celebration of IVF. On 10 November 1977, IVF worked and nine months later Louise Joy Brown – the world’s first IVF baby – was born. Since then more than a quarter of a million UK babies have been born via IVF. As part of this year’s National Fertility Awareness Week... Continue Reading →


NFAW – What to say and What not to say

Hello again! Today's post is all about support. When you are going through infertility treatments, you will suddenly discover that a lot of people you know are fertility experts who will offer up advice to you about how to get pregnant, how their mums friend from works daughter got pregnant after following an online diet... Continue Reading →

I Wrote a Book! (Includes preview)

FINALLY! On Friday 29th September 2017, my book "What to expect when you're not expecting" went live on the Amazon book store and Kindle!   The link above will let you have a sneak peek at the book with a preview. You can buy this in Paperback (eeep!) and download for your Kindle.  ... Continue Reading →

The Best Cruelty Free Advent Calendars 2017

We can’t deny ourselves.... Christmas is coming. I know it’s only September, however, the thing I am MOST excited for this year is the advent calendars. Gone are the days when simple Cadburys advent calendars are enough, each year more companies are releasing their own advent calendars and every year we get more and more... Continue Reading →

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