Wear whatever the F*ck you want, regardless of the Telegraphs Opinion

Howdy readers! Well, today I am a little mad. And Sad. But mostly, I'm fucking pissed. Its 2018, and today on my Linkedin feed, someone posted that the Telegraph has published an article titled " Why wearing too much makeup harms a woman's leadership chances".  I for one am pissed at this article. Let me tell... Continue Reading →


Glamour Beauty Fest 2018

Hey loves! Welcome back! I hope you all had a great weekend! I was fortunate enough to get to go to the Glamour Beauty Festival in London on Sunday afternoon and boy, was I impressed! Who? What? Where? When? Over the whole weekend (9-11th March) the Saatchi Gallery in London hosts the Glamour Beauty Festival,... Continue Reading →

To the mothers in waiting.

Hey loves! Welcome back. So, today is Mothers day. This is always a bit of a shit day for me, as I've gotten older, my social media feeds are filled with my friends celebrating their mothers days as mothers themselves,and well, I cant help but feel a little left out. I'm not part of the... Continue Reading →

EggDonationFriends and The Egg Donor Battle

Good morning my loves! I hope February has been great for you, sorry for the MIA, Its been a stressful one over here. I have been working with an amazing charity called EggDonationFriends.com who have collaborated with me on this post. To find our more about this awesome charity, go to  https://www.eggdonationfriends.com/about/team/ and here how EggDonationFriends have... Continue Reading →

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